Never Gonna Break, Marceo


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Pills, Yvat & Dov Meraki

Choose your lively trip and take the blue pill. Or take the red one. Or
better listen to this crisp sound to escape from reality. This is what
``Pills``EP is all about.
After years of studio practice as a sound producer and tens of albums
published, yvat provides you with a quality original sound, fine
master and some intelligent, danceable and mass-appealing
compositions. Dov Meraki is the haunting voice that whispers stories
in your ears. Although childish, sharp in sound and young in
appearance, she is an experienced jazz singer.

What Would i Do, Lee Eller

The writing process of "What Would I Do", was pretty natural. It needed to be expressed, and as soon as had a chance to sit with myself, and put my pen to paper, the Ep essentially created itself. The recording process was a bit more difficult. I like everything to be raw, and still communicate the meaning I have when I'm doing the writing. To preserve the mood can be difficult, but after a few takes, it happens on its own.

Lee Eller

Endless Wire, Roundhead (Italy) & Dèborah Biver

Harmony and musical structure performed in a difficult time like the one we live in France and in other United Nations, where many terrorist attacks are repeated again and continuously worldwide.
This is a song that belongs to two boys as Roundhead (Italy) and Dèborah Biver (France), where they presented their art of making music in a musical genre Electronic more advanced than you can expect.

Introspective, Alberto Solina & LivesLess

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Dark Space, Rockets

The idea of "Dark Space" was born during the quarantine days (Covid-19). Giuseppe spent minutes, hours, days and passion for the track, during the days of the blockade in the United Kingdom (Brighton) .. Music is the answer.

Sans Titre, Malik feat. Deborah Bivèr


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